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Date Publication
2003 R. O. Miller and J. A. Reed, "Reconfigurable Optical Switch and Method", U.S. Patent 6,542,654, April 1, 2003 [pdf format 1.2 MB].
2002 E. M. Dredge, J. A. Reed and D. M. Byrne, "Inversion of Scatterometric Data to obtain Surface Profile Information", Optical Engineering, 41, 225-236, January 2002 [pdf format 839 kb].

J. A. Reed and D. M. Byrne, "Frequency Selective Surfaces with Multiple Apertures within a Periodic Cell", J. Opt. Soc. Am. A, 15, 660-668, March 1998 [pdf format 320 kb].

1997 J. A. Reed, "Frequency Selective Surfaces with Multiple Periodic Elements", Ph.D. Dissertation, The University of Texas at Dallas, December 1997 [pdf format 3.5 MB].
1997 J. A. Reed and D. M. Byrne, "Using Periodicity to Control Spectral Characteristics of an Array of Narrow Slots", IEEE Antennas and Propagation Society Int. Symposium 1997 Digest, 4, 2376-2379, 1997 [pdf format 131 kb].
1984 S. J. Goldstein, Jr., and J. A. Reed, "Double Faraday Rotation Toward 3C27", The Astrophysical Journal, 283, 540-545, 1984 August 15 [pdf format 896 kb].
School Date Studies/Degree Field
The University of Texas at Dallas 1991-1997 Ph.D. Physics
The University of Texas at Dallas 1989-1991 M.S. Physics
The University of Texas at Dallas 1985-1987 M.B.A. Marketing and Finance
The University of Florida 1983-1984 Graduate Studies Astrophysics
The University of Virginia 1979-1983 B.A. Physics and Astronomy
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