Surface Impedence Method

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Most computer modeling methods for diffraction structures suffer from at least one of the following problems:

  1. Excessive computational requirements
  2. Restrictions to certain geometrical configurations (such as rectangular shaped structures)

The Surface Impedence Method, as described by Hessel and Oliner*, overcomes these problems. By finding the wave impedence at the surface of the structure, Zs, one has essentially solved the diffraction problem.

The problem is finding Zs for a particular periodic diffraction structure.

Using the circuit theory anology we find

The whole problem reduces to finding Zfilter, which may or may not be easy to deduce.


* A. Hessel and A. A. Oliner, "A New Theory of Wood's Anomalies on Optical Gratings", Applied Optics, 4, 1275-1298, October 1965.