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Astronomy and photography are my two main hobbies, hence this page dedicated to my personal efforts in astrophotography. All photos were taken in my back yard in Garland, Texas (in spite of the massive light pollution from the city of Dallas). North is up in all photos.
Solar System Objects

Mars 10-3-88

Jupiter 11-14-88

Saturn 6-25-89

Partial Lunar Eclipse 8-27-88

Solar Prominences (Ha) 10-3-91

Partial Solar Eclipse 7-11-91

Comet Hyakutake 3-25-96

Comet Hyakutake 3-25-96

Comet Hale-Bopp 4-6-97

Comet Hale-Bopp 4-6-97

Deep Sky Objects

M42 (Orion Nebula) 10-6-91

M81 & M82 3-19-92

M104 (Sombrero Galaxy) 3-1-92

M64 (Black Eye Galaxy) 3-7-92

M17 (Omega Nebula) 3-7-92

M8 (Lagoon Nebula) 3-1-92

M19 4-7-92

M27 (Dumbell Nebula) 5-9-92

M20 (Trifid Nebula) 4-7-92

M1 (Crab Nebula) 12-2-96


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